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Callum Docker Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Callum Docker, Leighton Buzzard

Phil has been a great instructor and made me feel calm whilst learning to drive.He adapted his teaching style so it would suit me better and help me understand easier.

He let me learn at my own pace, but pushed me when he knew i was ready.I'd definitely recommend Phil to all of my friends and family, thank you!

Lucy Moss Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Lucy Moss, Leighton Buzzard

If you’re looking to learn to drive in Leighton Buzzard or the surrounding areas, then make the most of having a great instructor on your doorstep! Phil is a great teacher, teaching you to become a capable, safe and competent driver beyond the actual driving test. I had learnt to drive before many years ago and had to re-learn everything. Learning with Phil made me realise what good driving instruction looks like. Always calm and reassuring, building your confidence each week and tailoring the lessons to your needs. Phil has a practical, no fuss approach, teaching you to use your own judgement and abilities when driving rather than relying on reference points and old fashioned rules which don’t always work in real life driving scenarios. I had a goal to learn to drive and pass my test whilst pregnant and I did it with a fair few weeks to spare, thanks to Phil and I'm over the moon!

Rosie Richardson, Leighton Buzzard

Don't waste your money on anyone else. Phil was the 4th instructor I tried to learn with and the difference in my driving with him was noticeable straight away. Thanks Phil for giving me the confidence to pass first time!

Nadene Llewellyn, Leighton Buzzard

Phil is a fantastic teacher. A committed diving instructor who is willing to adapt his teaching to suit individual students learning style and ability . Phil brings great knowledge and skill to each session, building students confidence from that very first assessment lesson.

Rachel Hamilton Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Rachel Hamilton, Leighton Buzzard

Learning to drive with Phil was a great experience. After putting off learning to drive for a few years, I'd lost a bit of confidence but Phil made me feel at ease. His teaching style is more laid back and focuses more on what works best for you instead a set regime of step by steps (which can be very confusing). I would recommend Phil to anyone looking for a brilliant driving instructor. Thank you for giving me the push I needed Phil.

Iain Grant, Leighton Buzzard

When I started learning to drive I was terrified. I hadn't ever driven a vehicle bigger than a dodgem before and anxiety had always put me off. From the moment I started lessons, Phil put me at ease and guided me each step of the way.

Lessons were tailored around what I needed to know and what my needs were too. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than I do Phil Dias.

I used to always say "I'm never going to be able to drive!" But thanks to Phil's patience, expertise, professionalism, knowledge, guidance and friendship I have just passed my test.

If you feel like you won't be able to drive or if you're just looking for someone to teach you then stop.

You've found the best of the best.

Iain Grant Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Leanne Jones-Weller, Leighton Buzzard

Phil is by far the best instructor I have had teach me. Previous to learning with Phil with 4 different instructors I only learnt how to try and pass my test.

Phil teaches you how to drive not how to pass your test, I have not ever experienced this before and this is why Phil is a brilliant instructor!

Leanne Jones-Weller Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard
Aaren Healy Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Aaren Healy, Leighton Buzzard

Phil is a brilliant teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him. If you are looking for driving lessons, I highly recommend Phil.

Natalie Biagioni Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Natalie Biagioni, Leighton Buzzard

It's like opening a Secret Santa. You're never quite sure what you're going to get and you're wearing your present opening face in anticipation of a packet of Monday - Sunday pants, but actually you get the most amazingly funny, personal, useful gift. And to top it off the 1st lesson is free so you can decide if Phil is worth the money (FYI, every penny and more) without even putting your hand in your pocket. I picked Phil because he was top of google search engine. And he returned my call first (efficient, reliable). And it's the best coincidence I've ever had. I am a very nervous driver and had previously failed 4 tests but Phil instantly made me feel at ease and never pushed me, he did encourage me to push myself though, at my own pace. What stood out to me the most is Phil's knowledge and appreciation of different learning styles. I could tell how easily Phil adapted to my needs and my ways, which made things so much simpler and got the most out of me every lesson (value for money). In my opinion this is what gives Phil 4 out of his 5 stars because you could have 100s of lessons with someone who only knows how to teach in one way and get absolutely nowhere. The final star comes from his clear love of what he does and his awesome personality, each lesson was full of laughs and interesting conversation. That said Phil was always well aware of when I needed him to keep quiet and let me concentrate. So, after failing 4 miserable tests with another instructor many years previously, Phil helped me believe in myself and I passed my FIRST test under Phil's instruction WITH NO FAULTS (I still don't believe it). Absolutely fantastic. If you have to wait because he has too many pupils at the moment believe me it will be well worth the wait. Don't pick anyone else.

Thank you Phil.

Melissa Holder, Leighton Buzzard

An excellent driving instructor. Quality lessons where you learn alot and someone who is willing to be patient and help you through every step of the way. Wouldnt recommend anyone else but Phil :)

Melissa Holder Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard
Michael Kirwan Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Michael Kirwan, Leighton Buzzard

Awesome driving instructor! Very patient and understanding. A top guy and thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with Phil.

Nicola Botcher, Houghton Regis

I could not have found a better instructor than Phil. Over the months he experienced my tears, my constant self-doubt and my bad moods but never seemed to lose faith in me, always staying calm, being supportive and helping me to believe that I was becoming a good driver. I can't fault the methods that Phil used to teach me - his instruction and most importantly for me, his ability to connect with you on a personal level and work out what you really need to get you that pass. Thank you so much Phil! I never thought I would see the day.

Penny Hyde, Leighton Buzzard

I really couldn't have wished for a better instructor! Phil's one of the friendliest, encouraging (and chattiest!) people I've ever met. I've always been hesitant to start driving but Phil had so much faith in me my fears soon faded. I always felt safe when I was driving with him in the passenger seat and he always adopted a simple approach to not overwhelm me with information and just made driving seem easy! Everything we did was tailored to suit me and there wasn't one moment when I felt I was out of my depth and not in control with Phil there to help me out and answer every question I could think of, even silly ones that didn't really make sense! I really cannot recommend him enough.

Solie Mokienko, Leighton Buzzard

What a great driving instructor Phil is! I was quite possibly the most nervous driver however learning to drive with Phil was a pleasure. He is patient and understanding, works with you at your pace however pushes you when he knows it is the right thing to do. Phil carefully explained to me where my areas of weakness were and we worked on these during my lessons.My lessons were fun and I am so pleased we got to go out in the ice and snow.

Ricky Clarke, Leighton Buzzard/Houghton Regis

Phil is a brilliant instructor, at all times he made me feel safe, confident, calm and in control. He has great teaching techniques and always adapted to the ways that I could benefit more from him and he always went the extra mile, always understanding. I enjoyed ever second learning to drive and never felt stressed even in the early days of learning. I can’t praise Phil enough, he is a brilliant instructor and I recommend him to everyone that wants to start driving!

Tony Glover, Leighton Buzzard

On a personal level, he adapted his teaching style to suit my own way of learning (including telling me not to be so hard on myself!!). Having structure to the lessons meant more time was spent in the car driving rather that sitting still. I never felt that Phil was clock-watching and many lessons ran over the allotted time until we had reached a goal for the day. I’d recommend Phil to anyone of any age to learn to drive and of course pass their test.

Christoferson Barnachea, Dunstable.

The Semi-Intensive Course is one that is complete and personal; in that it covers every aspect of driving with which you will need to pass that all important driving test. I have had other instructors, who were always too aggressive, rushed and never seemed to understand my needs and areas of weakness. But Phil catered for all my needs. All my weak points were targeted and addressed, in turn making me a good all round better and safer driver. I can only say that if you want that confidence and safety every time you drive then choose Phil.

Semi-Intensive Course, Leighton Buzzard/Dunstable.

Kirsty Allen, Leighton Buzzard.

Thank you so much for all you've done for me in helping me pass my test. You gave me confidence even if I felt I didn't have a great lesson because you were always positive. Made me feel comfortable and never pushed me too hard but gave me a challenge at the same time. I couldn't have asked for a better or more patient driving instructor. I was so scared about my test but your positive attitude helped me through it. I passed first time and all of this proves that you are a great driving instructor!!

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard.

Steven Martin, Leighton Buzzard.

Phil was very patient and very professional with me. I knew how to drive but he taught me how to drive safely and to test standard. I feel much more in control and safer on the roads than I did before. He also never told me I needed to do loads of lessons so he could make lots of money out of me, like other instructors may do. When I was ready for my test, he told me to book it. I was learning for about 2 months with Phil. I passed 1st time too. On the test day he filled me with confidence so instead of me thinking I could pass, I knew I would. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and family.

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard.

Kevin Li, Leighton Buzzard/Linslade.

Phil is an excellent driving instructor and I really enjoyed learning with him. He is always relaxed and friendly, and very understanding of any mistakes I made as a learner. I also felt that he has a strong ethos of putting the pupil first and was more than happy to complete the objectives of the lesson, or answer any questions I had, even if it meant overrunning. I am extremely grateful that I had an instructor who genuinely wanted me to succeed and be a good, safe driver as it meant I would always look forward to my next lesson and be keen to improve my driving. The lessons are taught in a clear and concise way so it is always easy to understand what you are meant to do and he focused on my weaknesses and areas I wanted to practice more so I was confident for my driving test and to drive on my own when I passed. Thanks again to Phil and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a driving instructor!

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard/Linslade.

Sarah Jackson, Leighton Buzzard.

I chose Phil as my driving instructor after reading the testimonials on the website. Being quite nervous about learning to drive and fearing it wouldn't come naturally to me, I needed someone who would be friendly, positive, calm and encouraging. Phil was all of these, as well as very understanding, and flexible in his approach. He explains things very clearly and tries to accommodate each learner's needs. Somehow, Phil changed me from a bit of a nervous wreck behind the wheel to a safe and confident driver, who passed first time! I can't recommend him enough as an instructor. Thank you!!!

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard.

Dominic Watson, Leighton Buzzard.

From the first lesson, I knew I'd get on well with Phil. Phil is friendly, calm, has a great knack for gentle confidence boosting and above all, is a great driving instructor! I would recommend him without hesitation.

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard.

Jessica Nunes, Leighton Buzzard/Wingrave.

Just want to say a big THANK YOU to you Phil for helping me to become a good driver, after going with a rubbish driving instructor before. You helped me think like a driver, become confident driving and get out of bad habits. First time pass with you so very pleased. Will definitely recommend you to family and friends :)

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard/Wingrave.

Aaron McCulloch, Leighton Buzzard.

I started my driving lessons with Phil on my 17th birthday. I found Phil very easy going and calm. I felt at ease straight away and even if I was unsure about anything he always went over it with me again and quite often my lessons went over the time paid for. I passed my test 1st time. I was very nervous beforehand but Phil assured me that I was more than capable of passing and this gave me the confidence I needed. I would recommend Phil to any one wanting to learn to drive.

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard.

Jo James, Leighton Buzzard.

Phil Dias is an excellent instructor. He always finds something positive to emphasize in a lesson, he's got an easy going and relaxed attitude and most important, he delivers straightforward driving instruction and teaches road skills in a clear, unfussy way. His focus on safety and progressive driving and his carefully structured lessons encouraged me to overcome my nervousness and lack of confidence; I now really enjoy driving which is something I never expected to be able to say. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard.

Eve Raisi, Sandhills/Leighton Buzzard.

Fantastic driving instructor and friendly mentor! Always brought out the best out of me which boosted my confidence. Perseverance and hard work also paid off in the end - passed my practical on the third attempt with just two minors!

Driving Lessons, Sandhills/Leighton Buzzard.

Sarah Cunliffe, Milton Keynes.

Phil possesses all the qualities you could possibly want in a driving instructor - friendly, laidback, encouraging, reassuring and (luckily for me) very patient! I had lessons with him for two months and, to my complete surprise, passed first time. I feel very lucky to have been assigned him as my instructor. I was a complete nervous wreck for a large amount of time I was behind the wheel, and I'm certain that Phil's calm advice and positivity (even in the face of my stubborn insistence that I would never be able to drive!) was a massive factor in helping me achieve what I did so quickly. I would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

Intensive Course, Milton Keynes.

Amy Stray, Leighton Buzzard/Hockliffe.

Phil wins the award for best driving instructor of all time. Ever. Phil will make you a good driver. Not one that can just scrape through the test. A good driver. A driver that is confident, in control and safe. Phil doesn't sit back and make you do all the work. Phil identifies your strengths and weaknesses and structures your lessons around these, adapting his teaching methods until together you've found a style that suits you. Diagrams, explanations, demonstrations, reference points, mock tests and even trips to different areas: there is no end to what this man might pull out of the bag in his mission to make you the best driver you can be. Don't expect to be doing the same thing lesson in, lesson out. Phil keeps you on your toes, keeps you challenged and keeps you interested. Phil has the patience of a saint. He doesn't give up on you and works just as hard as you do to resolve any difficulties. I don't know why I would roll around roundabouts in the wrong gear. I don't know why my parallel parks were never parallel. I do know that Phil worked with me, and kept working with me, until we had them spot on. Phil is calm, cool and collected. You can't wind him up or stress him out. He has bundles of enthusiasm for his job. He's a really nice bloke. In fact, I'm still a little bit sad I've passed but oh no wait! There's still the pass plus!

Intensive Course, Leighton Buzzard/Hockliffe.

Katie Wellington, Milton Keynes.

Before I started having driving lessons with Phil I was lacking in confidence. Phil made me feel very comfortable and built my confidence. He was very patient and clearly explained all aspects of driving allowing me to learn quickly. He soon identified the areas where I needed to improve and he structured my lessons so that I could improve in these areas. Phil became both my instructor and my friend and he helped me to enjoy lessons and I felt that I developed my driving skills at a fast pace. I enjoyed my lessons with him and I am very happy to endorse him as an instructor.

Intensive Course, Bletchley/Milton Keynes.

Thank you to all my pupils that have contributed to creating my customer review pages.

I enjoyed l learning with you, sharing your journey's and teaching you all to drive.

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Matthew Smith, Leighton Buzzard.

For the first few lessons I was very nervous and I did have a few narrow escapes whilst driving but Phil always assured me that he would never get me to do something unless I was ready and able to do it. He also taught me how to be a more confident driver and additional skills to be a better driver. Not just the bare minimum to scrape past the test.The knowledge he taught me meant I was able to pass my test first time. I can’t thank Phil enough and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to drive and I hope to go on and do the Pass plus with him too.

Driving Lessons, Leighton Buzzard.

Carly Robertson Customer Reviews Leighton Buzzard

Carly Robertson, Leighton Buzzard

Great instructor, puts you at ease and a lovely guy!!!

Lauren Adams, Leighton Buzzard

I couldn’t have wished for a better driving instructor than Phil! He is without a doubt, the best! I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive! He’s a really approachable guy, friendly, calm, patient and understanding, I always felt safe and he always made the lessons different, fun and positive which helped keep me focused! He never turned up late for a lesson and my lessons often went over my time slot and I never once felt rushed. I had a couple of lessons with Phil and by the end of my second lesson I took the leap and booked an Intensive course with him and had my test booked for 8 weeks time so that there was no turning back…Having my test booked gave me a goal to aim for and  kept my mind focused. After having a fear of driving and never having been in the driving seat of a car before, I was sceptical if I could do it…but come the morning of my test I was so excited (much to Phils’ and my own surprise!)…this was probably due to the fact Phil had made me believe that I could do it! And I passed first time! I’m sad my lessons with Phil are now over but I will be back for more lessons when the snow sets in! Thank you so much Phil, you have helped change a big aspect of my life.


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