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Driving Lessons in Leighton Buzzard

Together with Phil you can plan, design and structure your driving lessons to suit you and learn the way you want to. The length of each lesson is up to you too, deciding whether to take 1 ½ hour or 2 hr lessons or a mix and match. However Phil recommends students take 1 ½ hour lessons to best maximise concentration levels, confidence building and give adequate time to cover the chosen topic in detail.

Areas covered will be:

  • Moving off and stopping, angle and hill starts;
  • Steering, gears, mirrors;
  • Observations, junctions and planning;
  • Meeting other vehicles and narrow spaces;
  • Roundabouts and mini roundabouts;
  • Single carriageways and country roads;
  • Dual Carriageways, joining, leaving and crossing dual carriageways;
  • Town/City Centre driving;
  • Night driving;
  • Emergency stop up to 60 mph;
  • Sat Nav and independent driving following signs:
  • Motorway driving (for learners also from 04/06/2018);
  • The foundations to reversing;
  • Pull up on the right and reverse;
  • Forward Bay park, left and right;
  • Reverse Bay park, left and right;
  • Reverse parallel park, left and right.