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Why choose an intensive course in Leighton Buzzard

When I ask people "What do you think an intensive course consists of?" The usual response I get includes the image of seeing a learner driver driving around a car park full of cones for hours in Blackpool!

I’d like to think my intensive courses are a bit different!

A growing concern of mine is listening to new students coming to me from other instructors and hearing stories of:

  • no motivation as cannot see a driving test even being booked;
  • a lack of continuity and quality/focused time behind the wheel;
  • aimless objectives ensuring mundane lessons.

Therefore my intensive courses aim to offer:

  • Structure, a plan with a start, middle and end;
  • Test is booked in advance (you have a target to aim for, which helps improve performance);
  • Concentrated/focused time building confidence and skills, one to one in the car.

It is safe to say that 50 minutes a week practising football would not necessarily make you a professional footballer but it would help you to improve and become one step closer at a slower pace. Intensive courses can give you the focus over 5-8 weeks to analyse your learning and performance in detail. An intensive course could give you the best possible chance to hone your skills, retain the information and succeed at passing your test.